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Documentaries & Appearances

East Coast Tour / NYC to Florida - Summer 2002

West Coast Appearance / LA - October 2003

Modeling Documentary -  September 2003

German Documentary - October 2003

Yorkshire TV Documentary Chubby Chasers -  Aired on UTV November 24, 2004

Texas Appearance w/ Club Envy Big Girl Dances Sherril- October 2004

Featured in Closer Magazine  27th November - 3rd December 2004  Issue 112


Queen Raqui does Radio Interview on December 10, 2004  with 104.8 Radio Europe Mediterraneo FM


Numerous Magazine Appearances for 2005, Choc, France / Woman's Day, New Zealand / and many others



Featured in Maxium British Edition    Magazine May 2005 in the Truth Section



Featured in Maxium German Edition Magazine May 2005 in the Truth Section



Filming for Contemporary Art Video by Mika June 2005


Interview on August 2005 CLICK HERE and use Win Amp to listen to clip of interview.


Interview Added to the Closer Magazine Website September 2005 - view here



Filming for The Science of Sex a UK show September 2005


Featured on Japan for a New Massage Technique - Squashing & Trampling - September 2005


Filming for Watching the World Japan show November 18th - 19th 2005 - Show date December 26, 2005, Channel 4 Japan

CLICK IMAGE - to view pictures of the show.


Opening of Contemporary Art Video by Mika January 27, 2006

CLICK IMAGE - to view pictures of the opening.


Photoshoot for Loaded Magazine London

June 6th 2006



April 14th - September 5th, 2007

Exhibition of "Dough" by Mika Rottenberg

(Staring Raqui) at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

Exhibition - "The Shapes of Space"


July 25th, 2007 - Taping for an Appearance in the music video "DIMELO" - Song by Mele Mel featuring Lynx Garcia.


July 25th, 2007 - Taped Radio Drop with - Number one Underground Hip Hop Station.


July 25th, 2007 - Interview with

for Argentina



August 15th 2007 - Taping The Cristina Show

Click for pictures, video and more


September 19th, 2007 - Taping The Maury Show

Click for pictures video and more


The Wrestler   I find that many people tend to think that Queen Raqui (My wrestling persona) and Raqui are one and the same.  The strength of character may be the same, but I never wanted to be know as the woman who sits on people.  Some say talking about yourself in 3rd party is strange, but anyone who plays a role for the public, can truly understand that the part you play has no connection with your inner being.  Yet Queen Raqui has helped me advance in many ways more quickly than I could have ever tried conventionally.

     Queen Raqui was created when my husband the sole bread winner of the house hold passed away suddenly with out warning.  I was left with my child (his step child) and no real way of earning money.  Being a 6'4 600+lb super sized female, who raised her own child and siblings from age 20 were not qualifications for a job.  The computer training I received when I was sixteen years old was outdated, let me also mention most business want a pretty slim pert female behind there desks to greet customers. Being a secretary at my size didn't work out.  I wanted to be home with my child, I tried using my skills for creating websites, but money was sparse.  I wasn't making enough to manage.  Baby sitting was out since I had pets and my patience with children had decreased.  While the government gave something toward the support of my child, I was left with barely enough to survive the climbing New York City price line.

     I had known about the whole wrestling and squashing scene for years. I remember watching Queen Kong (Queen Adrena) on TV. as a child and saying "WOW".  That was when Glow female wrestling was out and I admired the ladies who were super stars of there time. On the internet the whole squashing/wrestling scene was littered with many aspects and some I didn't appreciate. Forms of domination, sexual innuendos, XXX type of material, etc.  I didn't want to be involved in a career that showcased women in that light. But it seemed as though I was physically built for the type of work it involved and the money I could make was what I needed. That was why I wanted to change the average experience.  I wanted in a way to streamline the whole experience and make it more like a sport and endurance test.  How much weight can you take? How strong are you?  Can you handle a 600lb woman standing on you?  What type of strength does it take to compete with a woman of my size.  Testing themselves to see if they can really handle the pressure and weight combined. 

     In 2002, I decided to combine sensuality (not sexuality) along with my strength, size, and looks together to make Queen Raqui.  As of date in 2005 I am the Biggest, Tallest, Heaviest Puerto Rican woman in the world in the Wrestling/ Squashing scene.  While there are taller women, and heavier women,  there is none so far that have combined the height, weight, strength, and flexibility that I have. Donning my sports gear and occasional modeling of sexy night wear and leather I have made my own niche, and labeled myself as a Professional. I do not get involved with my fans and clients on any type of intimate level.  I reached international status with in months and I have had a hardcore fan base since 2002.

   On my site I showcase myself as a sensual, beautiful strong woman who is confident and in control. has opened many doors for me.  There are not many people on the net in the BBW scene who don't know who Queen Raqui is.  I have met and worked with some of the greatest ladies in the scene on the net.  Appearances span the world through out Germany, Europe, Africa, France and more.  I had been interviewed on international radio shows.  I have been asked by many Magazines to model but because of the Nudity issue I had to refuse.  I have appeared as a model in I-D magazine of London. Being showcased by artist's in contemporary video and images has been a pleasure  Traveling the US has been a blast and I am going strong with my adventures.

     I don't want to be know in a single aspect, but being known as Queen Raqui is a part of me. Queen Raqui a persona I am proud to own.  She can knock a man bigger than her over with a sweep of her arm, and lift a person who is 350 lbs with her legs.  She holds pride in her work and will never do anything out of her own character, no price is worth compromising her morality.  Queen Raqui makes people take notice and realize the female form is beautiful in all aspects and respect is a must at all times. She is an enigma and no one can figure her out.  Men who never thought they would like a Bigger Woman suddenly open there eyes and say "Big Women can be sexy!"  Seeing big women as strong, smart, sexy, wanted individually is a positive thing. Big women are often portrayed as sitting around all day, stuffing their faces with food and being greedy.  It maybe a small step but a step never the less toward bigger women being seen as not only a normal person. But people who can handle there own weight and more.  You have to admit it is quite extraordinary.





















































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