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Interested in Raqui attending your event? Would you like to hire her to be a Speaker, Hostess, Greeter or Group Coordinator?  Raqui is open to different avenues and can customize to the need of your event. Use the contact options to get in touch with Raqui.

  • BBW Network Vegas Bash 2011 - July 11th - 17th 2011 - Raqui will be servicing some areas of the Bash look for me I will be around. LargeInCharge TV on the premises -

  • Schedule for 2011 in progress.

Raqui Interviewed on Phone Fantasy Radio?"

 November 23rd, 2010 - Online Radio Host LaKrush Hearts


     I was approached by LaKrush Hearts to be Interviewed on Phone Fantasy Radio in October 2010. It sounded like a a show I wouldn't mind doing.  We had a great time and fun was had by all.  The Show includes a lot of in-site into how I became a squasher and for what reasons.  Why/how did I move into be a advocate for Plus Sized people and what drives me to continue.  Along with all of that information we also seemed to have time to get buck wild and laugh the night away.


Listen to the Show -  CLICK HERE

Raqui Featured in The Full Beauty Project

October 28th 2010 - Milan Italy

     I met Yossi about four years ago upon recommendation,  The meeting was arranged by a friend of mine named Kira (director of Fat Girl Float - a Documentary).  Yossi was looking for large women of all sizes to represent the FULL SIZED FORM.  Yossi wished to express the beauty he sees in large women through this special... Read More

Learn more about The Full Beauty Project  -


Pictures - Story - Video

Raqui Wins First Runner Up Ms. LBC 2011  

October 23rd 2010 - Chicago Boo Bash


      I have never been a woman fond of competition, I suppose naturally I am a person who works with others not one who wants to compete.  Many would assume that a strong minded woman such as myself who is confident wouldn't have a problem with competition.  But to me competition means one is better than the rest.  I don't see people in that manner, I tend to think each person is unique and has something valuable. ... Read More


Learn more about the Annual Halloween Boo Bash and other Chicago Events  - 


Pictures - Story - Video coming soon

Raqui Awarded the BBW Achievement Award 2010

July 17th 2010 - BBW Vegas Bash


     Attending the BBW Vegas Bash for 2010 took on a special meaning for me. Not only did I enjoy all the socializing, flirting, hugs and reacquainting myself with people I haven't seen in years. I along with three others were honored and received awards during the formal dinner... Read More


Learn more about the Annual Las Vegas Bash  -


Pictures - Story - Video coming soon

Raqui Hosts Forum "We are All Fat... so Why Hate?"

July 10th 2010 - BABS Summer Jam - Long Island New York


     Hosting the Topic of Fat Hate at the Babs  Summer Jam was really a wonderful experience.  All the attendees were interactive.  What started with about 20 people quickly expanded to over 50.  Men as well as women participated and we all got to share our feelings on the topic of fat hate.  Lots of love to the Babs attendees you made the Forum one of the best I have hosted.


Learn more about BABS BBW by visiting the site.

Speaking for the SISTAZ Reaching Out Organization

February 20th 2010 - Bridgeport CT.


     Topic: Abuse and Recognizing the Signs


Learn more about SISTAZ Reaching out and what they do for our Community - Based out of New York and Connecticut.


Judging the Wilkes BBW Philly Pageant 2009

August 23rd, 2009 - Philadelphia


      It was about 4 years ago the first time I went to Philly to Judge Mr. Wilkes BBW Pageant. Going again was a experience I wont forget. I was very proud of the ladies who represented BBW Beauty this year. But the Winner Robin really was someone who I was quite pleased with. She was the smallest woman on stage but her presence was one to be admired. Some women stood out on stage others faded into the background... Read More

Pictures - Story

Raqui's LargeInCharge Online Radio Show

LargeInCharge Magazine founded in 2004 by Raqui.


     This Size Acceptance and Empowerment Magazine has helped hundreds of thousands of Plus Sized people through the years. Now taking important Plus Sized Issues and discussing them Live for the Public to Participate and Voice their opinions.  Starting May 2008 Raqui your Host makes you think about things you might not have realized... More Information

Listen Live Every Friday 7-9pm eastern, 4-6 pacific, 5-7 mountain, 6-8 central

go to

Call in and be a guest, ask questions and make comments

Guest call-in number: (718) 508-9491   -  E-mail Raqui @

     Again what can I say Jennifer Barreto-Leyva ...  She then surprised me with another email. (One day me and Jennifer have to meet.) She is a New Columnist for DC Glamour Plus, and who was featured in one of her first articles?...  Read More

Pictures - Story

     Tonight is an opening at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery where the W Photos, will be displayed. Below is the press release for the show. The decision to put it on was made not so long ago, and it is an effort to raise some money for my new upcoming project, the biggest one yet! If you are able it would be a pleasure to see you tonight. This is a wonderful celebration of all of your hard work! Thank you one more time for being so wonderful!

Mika  - SEE MORE

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery  - January 23 - February 29th 2009
526 W. 26th Street, No. 213
New York, NY 10001
P. 212.243.3335
F. 212.243.1059


Pictures - Story

     When I got an E-mail from Jennifer Barreto-Leyva a Columnist for known for her outspoken ways and articles. I was quite pleased.   She found me through the internet and had seen me on The Cristina Show.  She liked my out front speaking and frankness of my treatment on various shows.  We are definitely two peas in a pod. When Jennifer told me about the treatment of Plus Sized People in the Spanish speaking countries....  Read More

Pictures - Story

     November 2008 was W Magazine Special Art Edition.  Mika Rottenberg was commissioned to do an Exclusive piece of work for W Magazine. In this work Mika's unique style of art is seen as a totem pole of people all working in small quarters and each in extreme conditions.  I was selected to be one of the models for this piece of work, I was also featured in the behind the scenes video....  Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

     The Swedish Documentary Team joined me for Labor Day Weekend while we went over my work at a Size Activist and Squasher.  I personally wish more of my work at a BBW event would have came out in the Documentary but I cannot say I was dissatisfied.  Being told by the producer and crew that I was the one person of size who they really believed loved themselves was a pleasure.  They said there is something in me that they do not see with other people of size. They believed my every word and understood my fight for Acceptance as a Human being....  Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

     The Tyra Show, It was an experience.  When I saw an email in my mail box from a Tyra Show producer I was a bit wary.  I wondered what kind of show would it be.  I am quite picky about my appearances.  Things haven't always gone the way it was supposed to and I didn't want to just be know as QUEEN RAQUI the 6'4 600lb squasher.  Mind you I am not ashamed of my Queen Raqui work.  But to the rest of the world it will be seen as a big joke.  I want to be seen for everything I do.... Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

    Phat Poetry is an evening of words and sounds dedicated to curvy women, big handsome men, and those that love them! Gracing the stage will be some of the country's up and coming poets, spoken word and hip hop artists....


     Participating in the First Phat poetry was a wonderful experience I will treasure.  It was well organized and the location was great.  We were treated respectfully and like the true to life performers we are... Watch the Video


     2008 was about Goals for me.  So when I was asked to perform spoken word for Curvesity Entertainment at a poetry reading they were having in Brooklyn, I was quite happy.  I have been writing poetry for years and finally, I was going to perform live in front of an audience and express myself fully. 


So celebrating 2008 and accomplishing one of my goals for the New Year was a special occasion, I was also able to celebrate my birthday in a special way.... Watch the Video



     The Maury Show, I know a lot of you are saying, what did Raqui get herself into this time.  Believe me taking the acting part on the Maury show did not come with out reservations.  I have been contacted by many producers of the Maury Show over the years and rejected the parts many times.  But a woman I knew name Emily from a previous project I participated in sent me an e-mail about a job.... Read More


Pictures - Video - Story

     The Cristina show, for those of you who don't know who Cristina is, she is known as the Spanish Oprah.  Her show is in Spanish and it the most well known show in the Spanish community.  Everyone loves her.  My experience on her show was a over all positive experience though a few choose moments didn't sit to well with me.  I have to say though I don't believe anyone was being malicious towards me..... Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

     The Guggenheim!  I was very excited,  knowing that the video "Dough" that I was featured in was now in this amazing Museum.  I had never had the pleasure of going to the Guggenheim and my first visit was to see "Dough".

     Waiting to watch myself sniff flowers and have an allergic reactions actually was not easy.  So many people were there and viewing.... Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

     In this related photographic work. Mika wanted to show the attributes of gravity while at the same time defying it.  In my eyes gravity is clearly shown in me crushing this man INTO THE COUCH!  Also in the water that was being spit into the plant.  My hair defied gravity and the balloons tied to the male models toes show this also..... Read More

Pictures - Story

     My third shoot with Mika was a long but interesting one.This shoot was quite extensive gathering the many individuals who she has worked with before and a few more.  From my understanding this picture deals with Motion, Strength, Size and Gravity.  While I am not an expert I can see many things from this collective image.

      It seems as though every participant shows some..... Read More

Pictures - Story

      I was asked to tell the story of how I got into my wrestling/squashing career.  The story was to be part of a show called World Watching in Japan.  The show was to show case big people living there lives in America. The show included my story, the party scene for Large people, and how large people also find love and relationships.  How we can have a good life and should be accepted for who we are

One aspect I did not appreciate during this filming was that the crew..... Read More

Pictures - Story

     The UK television production company, Yorkshire TV has been commissioned to make an hour-long network documentary for ITV1 challenging the taboo surrounding relationships between big women and their admirers. Raqui was requested to do an interview for this show because of her online activities as a wrestler/squasher and model. Her views on why men like large women and her profession was greatly appreciated and needed for this documentary.... Read More

Pictures - Video - Story

Christmas eve music show with El & Syl Variety Show, Raqui the Owner and Founder of LargeInCharge Magazine. This spot is dedicated to her thoughts, vents, and observations of Plus Sized Life. Raqui's "Tell it like it is" style of writing has brought hundreds to her blog's and thousands to

     There is so much behind the woman who has brought this magazine into existence. Being Internationally known as a wrestler lead the way to modeling for companies and being featured in magazines. magazines.

Listen to Audio



     Interview with Raqui discussing many thoughts and feelings on being a Plus Sized Woman, Dating, Men, Life, Obstacles, The Medical Profession, and more.

Hosts, Tofu De La Moore, Brie Brown and Steve.


Raqui Give away a Video to her Queen Raqui fans.  Video Titled: A Day with Queen Raqui.


Listen to Audio

Other Appearances
  • July 25th, 2007 - Taped Radio Drop with ExtravaGangstaRadio  #1 Underground Hip Hop Station.
  • July 25th, 2007 - Taping for an Appearance in the music video "DIMELO" - Song by Mele Mel featuring Lynx Garcia
  • September 15, 2006 - Chosen to be the VERY FIRST Miss Thickums of the Month for the Miss Thickums Org. Based in Philly.
  • Featured in Japan for a New Massage Technique - Squashing & Trampling - September 2005
  • Filming for The Science of Sex - a UK show September 2005
  • Queen Raqui does Radio Interview -  December 10, 2004  with 104.8 Radio Europe Mediterraneo FM
  • Texas Appearance @ Club Envy - Big Girl Dances - October 2004

  • German Documentary - October 2003
  • Modeling Documentary -  with Rosalee Knoxx September 2003
  • West Coast Appearance - LA - October 2003
  • East Coast Tour - NYC to Florida - Summer 2002


     Winner of FRIDA's 2008 annual recognition of a woman who makes a difference in the lives of disabled women. Raqui.

     We had many wonderful honorees this year, but we are ecstatic about giving the award to Raqui!  About 2 months ago, a woman whose confidentiality had been violated by a former social service worker came upon Raqui's MySpace site rather by accident. "I was so impressed with her fight against people who disrespect voluptuous ladies", said the client.  "I knew right away that this was a strong sister who knew what I had been through, and was not afraid to take a stand for me."  "I am so grateful to her."


     Without Raqui's help, the client would not have had the crucial support she needed to take control of her situation and get the offending party to cooperate.

Thank you Raqui for all you do on a daily basis!

Sarah Jackson, FRIDA - a group for women in need

     December 9th 2007 was a very special day for the Plus Sized Community and myself I must say. Curvesity Entertainment had there first Annual Curvesity Curvy Awards. Recognition for those who are in the Plus Sized Community had finally arrived.

I was an honoree along with some very outstanding people who have dedicated there lives and actions.... Read More

Pictures - Story

      Being a Judge at the BBW Pageant in Philly was a nice experience.  I liked the set up and the room.  It seemed like a very family and community orientated event.  In between the beautiful ladies showcasing themselves in the pageant.

     This year was the first year in which contestants from all over were allowed to enter.   Formerly only Philadelphia residents could enter.  Now they want a greater diversity of ladies to enter.   So for the first time contestants from other states graced the stage.  They were beautiful, talented and graceful examples of everyday women.... Read More

Pictures - Story

      I started speaking when I was a Teenager.  Standing in front of new students at the Delaware Valley Job Corps campus. I spoke about the many gangs we had present.

     From there I went toward speaking to others and giving advice.  Speaking to younger and older women.  Speaking to friends and giving counsel.  Now I am moving forward and speaking on behalf of many different issues.  Either in public, In my support groups, or one on one.

     It is my great honor to speak for an Organization called Sistaz Reaching Out. I have been speaking for them for a few years.  Since then I have went to speaking in Documentaries and Television using my Queen Raqui identity as a stepping stool to get me noticed  I have been given many honors for my work with Sistaz Reaching Out. If you would like to read more go to The Speaker part of this website.... Click Here


Random Appearances and Work

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i-D magazine Cover

i-D magazine Group Shot - Raqui modeling Hoody

i-D magazine up close Raqui

CHOC Magazine of France

Loaded Magazine UK - Appearance

Loaded Magazine UK - Appearance

Loaded Magazine UK - Appearance

Closer UK - Cover

Closer Magazine Article- UK

Woman's Day - New Zealand

Maximum German Edition - Cover

Maximum German Edition - Article

Maximum British Edition - Cover

Maximum British Edition - Article

Modeling for Rosalee Knoxx

Modeling for Rosalee Knoxx

Modeling for Rosalee Knoxx

Factory Girl "Dough" featured in Elle Magazine Cover

Factory Girl "Dough" featured in Elle Magazine

Factory Girl "Dough" featured in Elle Magazine Up Close

Raqui modeling clothing for Rosalee Woman's Size Apparel

Raqui modeling clothing for Rosalee Woman's Size Apparel

Raqui modeling clothing for Rosalee Woman's Size Apparel

Raqui modeling Chair for MaxxDaddy Monster Folding Chair

Interview with

for Argentina - Connecting with the Latin Community

Interview with

for Argentina

Interview with

for Argentina

Interview with

for Argentina

Interview @ BiggerAndBetterThangs 2nd Year Anniversary for Bronx Net

Interview @ BiggerAndBetterThangs 2nd Year Anniversary for Bronx Net

Interviewed for "Documentary Behind The Fat"

Interviewed for "Documentary Behind The Fat"

Interviewed for "Documentary Behind The Fat"





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