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Raqui is featured in

The Full Beauty Project

 Artist Yossi Loloi

 October 28th 2010 - Milan Italy


 Yossi Loloi - The Full Beauty Project
 written by Raqui


                         Yossi Loloi              /        Raqui's Photo in The Full Beauty Project

On October 28th 2010 in Milan, Yossi Loloi opened his exhibition the FullBeauty project at the Gian Paolo Barbieri Studio. A project he has been working on for years.

     I met Yossi about four years ago upon recommendation,  The meeting was arranged by a friend of mine named Kira (director of Fat Girl Float - a Documentary).  Yossi was looking for large women of all sizes to represent the FULL SIZED FORM.  Yossi wished to express the beauty he sees in large women through this special and amazing project.  He has dedicated himself to showcasing some of the most beautiful and interesting shapes in our community. To do so in an artistic manner and truly bring out realistic plus sized female forms.

     After some conversations and viewing work Yossi had already completed I believed in what he was doing and agreed to pose for the Full Beauty Project as well.  The message is a strong and powerful one I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

Words about the Full Beauty Project

     "The work of Yossi Loloi highlights that the world today has broken the barriers of modesty to achieve an intact dignity.  The different human conditions are mesmerized here by the art. The pure tonality of his images stand out: "hair, bosom, hips, bend of legs negligent falling hands all diffused"

(W. Whitman)

     Like Ingres, Loloi adopts the cult of form through the abolition of thought. This 'No mindí of Zen masters, is applied to this glorification of the cult.  The flesh is accentuated with courage and honesty, in these colossal compositions where there is nothing modest in the attitude of the models. The poses and expressions are serene and open, and do away with all the erotic nuances. Simply greatness and strength."

Gian Paolo Barbieri

Visit The Full Beauty Project to enjoy Yossi's Work -

 The Negativity in our Community

     In all of the grandeur of such an occasion of course there are the negative. When it came to my attention (through a friend of mine Gina) that Jerry Gatlin a self proclaimed photographer and graphic artist stole my image from the Full Beauty website, covered up the watermark, then used it illegally with out permission from me or Yossi to advertise himself.  I was quite upset.

     My first and last dealings with Jerry Gatlin were in 2002.  We never met in person, but he frequently emailed me when I started my site Queen Raqui.  He continued to sent me pictures of other females (many nude and some in very provocative poses) which I did not ask for telling me that I could use them on my site, Since he was the photographer and he gave me permission.  I was not interested in using another females pictures on my site, especially with out permission from them.  I came to find out (some years later) that many of the pictures he sent me were not his work.  His encouragement of me using these photos basically was setting me for copyright infringement charges.

     Over the years he has tried writing to me many times but I have no response for him.  I do not want anything to do with him. I also came to find out that Jerry Gatlin has spoken to numerous ladies of plus sized stature using my name and many others to gain females confidence (I am assuming to get the females to model for him).  When a woman wrote to me asking about him. I gave them the truth and told them I have never met him and I have no desire to, also of his shady practices.

     Now here Jerry Gatlin is again taking beautiful artistic pictures taken with purpose for exhibition and stealing them to advertise himself.  


What does Jerry Gatlin have to say for himself?

     Jerry would not reply to my email via facebook but he sure had a lot of nerve to write to Gina my fellow BBW Sister and Vegas Bash Friend.  He decided first to apologize not to me but through Gina.  That is not going to work here.  Then he decided that it is not his fault that he stole copyrighted artwork of me and used it to promote himself.  It must be my fault and the fault of every woman who has ever posed for a photographer.  Funny because Jerry himself claims to be a photographer who has taken some strongly explicit photos.

EMAIL FROM JERRY TO GINA - Posted with Permission from Gina  2 emails in total

Hey Hi Ms Gina I did receive your message regarding posting pics of Queen Raqui I do Apolozie for doing that one. I always try to show my Graphic Design Skills to lots of BBW's I do not have any direct intentions to Hurt any ones life or situations. Tell Queen Raqui I said I do Apolozie and want do that any more. 10-12-10.

Hi Gina in response to your massage yesterday regarding stealing Queen Raqui pics I want to leave this in your Mind before I die and leave this Crazy World of ours, I think Women like you and Queen Raqui and all other Women too need to 'Stop Posting' LUSTFUL Pics that 'Offend' our God and some Men too now. If I am wrong always remeber you are too now Gina you and not better them me or me then you now. If all are doing some Wrong in our lives every day we wake up now. 10-14-10.

What do I say to Jerry Gatlin and others like him?

     I must Echo my Fellow BBW Sister Gina who replied with truthful words.  And I Quote her below

     Gina - No Jerry. I have done NOTHING WRONG. Raqui has done NOTHING WRONG. YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG! You can't blame me or others for the fact that YOU are stealing someone else's property for YOUR USE without the OWNER's permission.

First of all, If you had a problem with LUSTFUL pics then you wouldn't LOOK at or STEAL them AND THEN POST THEM AGAIN and use them for YOUR OWN PROFIT.

Secondly, Pictures are not lustful - the people who LOOK at them create their OWN lust in their mind - OWN THAT.

Thirdly, I don't post nude or arty-less-covered pics, but those who have the right to do so without them being STOLEN and used for OTHER people's promotion. They are NOT there for YOUR use and you do NOT have permission to use them!

What do we do?

     We must be careful as a community.  We must stand up for what is right and encourage those like Yossi who spend years to create special works and projects to show off the beauty of the large community.  Who dedicate themselves to showcasing us in a positive light.

     Then let others like Jerry Gatlin know when things are wrong.  If you see pictures of your friends being used bring it to there notice.  Watermark your own pictures before you put them on websites and social networks or dating sites.  It cannot stop the thieves completely but it is a deterrent.  We must work together because there are many men and women out there like Jerry Gatlin who steal pictures and use them or distribute them.  This is my way of putting you all on notice.  This is one man who cannot be trusted and I have the proof because he did it to me.


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